Peanut Body Massage Ball

A Good Looking Massage Ball To Make You Feel Relaxed!

This spiky back massage roller is designed to stimulate blood circulation, massage muscles and relieve tension. This spiky roller was originally designed for a back massage but is also proven to be highly effective in other areas too!

  • CONVENIENT MASSAGE BALLS  - It will be convenient to access to a physio session every day when you have these massage balls. Just simply lean on the stress ball, use your own body weight and gravity, and then enjoy!
  • FEET BACK PAIN RELIEF- These high-quality spiky massager balls could provide external physical pressure to muscles to help relax. It will be a great solution to therapy muscle knots, myofascial release, plantar fasciitis, chronic back & shoulder pains.
  • CARRY with YOU ANYWHERE  - These therapy massage balls in a portable bag is easy and convenient to bring along on any trip. Perfect for using at home, office, gym, yoga, and pilates studio...