Mini Wireless Earbuds

Walk Freely With This Earbuds On The Go!

When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone in 2016, many consumers were understandably panicked. How would they use their headphones? Today, there are a large number of wireless headphone options that use Bluetooth to connect to your mobile devices and are arguably more convenient than traditional wired headphones.
  • Wide Range: 8D panoramic sound effect, a wide dynamic range of diaphragm, excellent transient response, clear and rich sound details, pure and impurity-free, independent noise reduction and recognition sound.

  • Long Battery Life: Equipped with a 3500 mAh large-capacity charging bin, about 5 hours for one ear and about 3-4 hours for both.

  • Fast And Clear: With the 5.0 version of the Bluetooth chip, the call effect, compatibility features, and other aspects have been significantly improved, ultra-low latency, Bluetooth signal is more stable, and the transmission speed is faster and clearer.

  • Auto power on/pairing: The headset can be automatically turned on when it is taken out of the charging compartment, automatically connected to Bluetooth, and put back into the charging compartment to automatically shut down and disconnect.

  • Upgraded: After the new upgrade of the Bluetooth chip, it can clearly talk, shield the surrounding noise and communicate effectively and achieve efficient communication.