Mini Car Air Purifier

Protect Your Health Against Air Pollution!

There are many ways to fight the air pollutants in your cars, such as cleaning out the dust and spraying Febreze. However, this is not enough for dealing with the invisible PM2.5 air pollutant particles, virus and bacteria, benzene and formaldehyde let out by the decoration materials. To guard your health against air pollution, Eco Breeze has invented such kind of car accessory that utilizes negative ion technology to improve the air quality without doing any harm to the human body.  Besides, negative ion which can activate cells, enhance immunity and relieve tiredness, is beneficial to drivers.

  • Double Purification F1 is HEPA filter and Ionizer car air purifier, USB 5V power port, and Cigarette charger help you use it conveniently. Double purification helps you purify the air in the car.

  • Aroma Function F1 include Aroma Function at the bottom, you can put the essential oil on the sponge. Then perfume will be out with the purified air. Many friends like a little fragrance in our car.

  • LED PM2.5 Display F1 has a Led screen display PM2.5, it will monitor air quality anytime when it is working.PM2.5 is an air cleaner index,0 to 25 means air quality is very good.

  • Gesture Control Easy control by moving hand above the screen. When car ionizer air purifier working, you can gesture control it turn off or change speed. When it the power of you can gesture control it turn on. This infrared induction control is a good gift for your friend.