Leather Universal Car Seat Covers

A Car Seat With Full Hemming Design To Takes Care For Your Seat! 

Leather Universal Car Seat Covers 360 degree and full hemming design to care for your seat. The seat cover will not interfere with the ejection of the airbag. You can place the Magazine, IPad, other mini things in the front seatback storage bag. The rear passage bottom front side has the storage too. the  Leather Universal Car Seat Covers can use for all seasons and waterproof. It is easy to clean, just use the wet cloth to wipe the dirty place.

  • Leather Seat Cushions: Natural environmental luxurious PU leather Seat Cushions with soft composite sponge inside-Give everyone a cozy feeling

  • Long Time Usage: Refined processing technology–Solid and exquisite sewing keeps the cushion in good condition after long time use

  • Perfect Firmness: High elastic straps-Keep the cover securely wrapped around your car seats with perfect firmness

  • Safe To Use: Compatible with airbags to promise your safety

  • Well Ventilated: Car seat heating and ventilation functions can be used normally

  • Backseat Accessible: All seat belts can be accessed in the backseat