Car Sunglasses Box

Take Full Advantage of Spaces In Your Car!

The sunglasses organizer includes a magnetic zone, it can be used as a support to keep receipts and absorb coins, which makes it more convenient to use.  Easy to install It is equipped with a flexible buckle that can be placed on the visor of the car to facilitate its removal and installation, the buckle is not easy to loosen, it guarantees that the visor is hooked and you do not need any tools to install it.

  • Designed for car driving: It is easy to install on the sun visor and can be turned on/off with one hand. It can effectively avoid driving insecure situations when looking for glasses during driving.

  • Made of high-quality ABS material:And the surface is matte texture, very comfortable to hold and touch, convenient and simple design, practical as well as beautiful.

  • Durable: It has the characteristics of dustproof, heat protection and shockproof. The inside of the glasses case is made of super flannel lining to protect your glasses from scratches.

  • Easy to Install: The snap-on mounting back clip, the back clip is flexible and easy to install and the visor can be firmly clamped without a drop. It will not fall if it is braked or accelerated, suitable for all vehicle models.

  • Versatile Use: The side area has a magnetic function that can be used to attach paper clips, clamps or coins. There are also two card slots for easy storage of cards.