Dish Drying Rack

Space Saver! Extend Your Counter!

 The dish drying rack is a device that you can place on your sink and unroll whenever you need to dry some dishes, clean rinse off some fruit or vegetables. Perfect for the home gardener, the person who doesn't own a dishwasher, or really anyone who buys a lot of fresh produce at the market, the roll-up drying rack will also add a sleek and modern touch to your kitchen.

  • Multiple Use and Heat Safe: Can be used as a cutting board to cut fruits & vegetables, use it to dry off your dishes, or simply use it for any cooking prep work you need. Heat safe: perfect to use as a non-slip trivet for hot pans or baking sheets straight out of the oven, lay it flat on any kitchen countertop to protect against damage from hot items

  • Foldable Design: Roll it up quickly and easily to put away and make your kitchen look less cluttered. Really useful for saving counter space, easy to clean and adjustable, you can fold it up to different sizes.

  • Size: Rectangular design for maximum stacking ability to efficiently dry dishes and proper drainage and ventilation. Important: check your sink size before purchase.

  • Food Grade Material: Made of tough 304 stainless steel, BPA-free food-safe silicone edges with integrated design, which resistant to rust, non-slip and very sturdy.